How to mine simple and effective on one or a thousand farms!

To help individual miners and companies with many farms ...

MiningHelp has developed a web-based management interface for mining farms, based on the operating system Ubuntu (Linux). This allowed to make the mining reliable and not exacting to the equipment.

Why Ubuntu?

The family of Linux operating system is known for its flexibility in configuring, undemanding to equipment, it has a high degree of security and it absolutely free. The system is fully configured to work with any video card. Also, you can use the farm in normal work, too. We did not cut the functionality of the system. A computer with our system is fully functional and can be used for common tasks, while mining is performed independently in the background, and will have virtually no impact on PC performance. Linux, also, allows you to bypass the limitation of windows on the number of connected video cards. A farm can consist of 8+ video cards ... Sometimes up to 20!

Installation of the system is simple. You need to download the disk image file with the installed system and copy it to a farm disk, thus making a copy of the system. After that, you can run the farm and regulate its operation through the web interface. The instruction for creating the disc is available after registration.

Even if you have never worked with Ubuntu or other Linux systems - do not be scared! You do not have to work with them. All you need to do is copy the disk, and turn on the farm.

The farm management system completely transfers control of the farm to you. You can change available and debugged mining programs, pools, wallets. You can manage multiple farms, changing their settings. Within 10 minutes, all changes will be automatically taken by the farms to work. It's incredibly simple! No switching monitors and keyboards! You do not need to touch your farms for customization. Everything will be done by the remote system For example, changing the address of the pool to 1, 10, or 100+ farms was incredibly easy! Mark the desired farm (or all), change the pool with two clicks, and within 10 minutes all the farm are migrated to a new job.


- Our system is unique and developed not only for mining, because a farm can be used at work as a normal computer.

- The farm management system developed by us through the web-interface is convenient and simple.

- Farms, after startup do not require a keyboard, mouse and monitor connection for management.

- Our services are free of charge.

- There are no restrictions on the number of connected farms.

- All the pools and miners available in the system are tested and ready to work.

- All updates are performed in automatic mode and do not require additional settings.

- We are constantly working to improve the convenience of the system and its technical indicators to increase your income!

Evaluate the possibility of simple mining and the convenience of working with!